Molecular Cytogenetic Studies of Neuroblastoma

Project Description

Funding Children’s Medical & Research Foundation.
Principal Investigator Dr Raymond Stallings.
Researchers Dr. Linda McArdle, Ms. Paula Carty.
Duration April 2002 - March 2004.
Collaborators Drs. Anne O’Meara, Fin Breatnach, Michael McDermott, William Galagher (UCD).


This project seeks to further clarify the genetic abnormalities which characterise neuroblastoma, one of the commonest malignancies of childhood.

In a disease which can exhibit a great range of behaviour, from spontaneous regression to rapid advancement and death, a greater understanding of how the numerous recurrent genetic abnormalities detected in neuroblastoma contribute to gene dysfunction holds great promise for the design of targeted treatment regimens for individual children.

Even the limited information established in this area to date has already been translated into changes in treatment protocols, with children receiving different chemotherapy regimens depending on the cytogenetic profile of their tumour.

This project is primarily focused on defining the chromosomal mechanisms that lead to genetic imbalances in neuroblastoma cells, and elucidating the clinical significance of such findings.