About the Genetics Clinic

The genetics clinic is free of charge. Families are frequently referred to our department for a number of reasons:

There are often many questions families would like to know answers to. We commonly get asked:

Write down any questions you might have and take them to the clinic.

Generally, we take a family tree. If, for whatever reason, you do not know your family tree in detail please don’t worry as it is important, but not essential, for your appointment.

We may need to examine you or your child. Occasionally we will suggest taking a blood sample but only if it is found to be helpful in answering your questions.

The Clinical Genetics department routinely takes photographs of people we are asked to see. Photographs are often one of the most important “tests” we do. We always ask for permission to take photographs.

Your consultation is confidential. Your appointment will be made for between 45 – 60 minutes and you will receive a summary letter following your appointment that will outline the main issues discussed.

You are welcome to telephone us before the clinic. We will do our best to answer any queries you might have.

If you cannot come to clinic please tell us. We can give the appointment to someone on the waiting list.

Who we are

Professor Andrew Green
Dr. Sally Lynch
Genetic Counsellors:
Cliona deBaroid2
Nuala Cody
Rosemarie Kelly
Debby Lambert
Marie Meany
Alana Ward