Clinical Genetics Division

Phone Number: 409 6739 (voicemail- checked twice daily)
Fax: 01 456 0953
Email: Contact the genetics department

Please note that we cannot give clinical advice by email.


The clinical genetics division of the National Centre for Medical Genetics provides a clinical service for individuals and their families who are affected by, or at risk of a disorder with a significant genetic component.

Families are frequently referred to the department following:

Information about genetic testing for breast cancer can be can be downloaded in PDF format from the ‘downloads’ area to the right of the page.

How to be referred?

In order to be referred to our service, we require a referral letter from your GP or other medical professional; as recommended by the Medical Council. Please follow our referral guidelines.

If your family is already known to the genetics department, you can contact the department directly and we will take your details over the phone and put you on our waiting list.

Since February 2012, as a result of our long waiting lists and inadequate staffing levels, all referrals are subject to triage and prioritised accordingly.


We ask that once you are given an appointment that you contact the department to confirm, defer or cancel that appointment as soon as possible. Due to our long waiting lists, we do not automatically offer repeat appointments to those who fail to attend.


The service is staffed by four consultants, Professor Andrew Green and Dr Sally Ann Lynch, Dr Harinder Gill and Dr Willie Reardon.

Genetic counsellors are experienced practitioners with a background in nursing or a science degree, and a professional qualification in genetic counselling. Genetic counsellors see families where the diagnosis is known to take patients through predictive testing, discuss recurrence risks if applicable and discuss preventative options.

There is a rotating paediatric medical registrar on the staff. There are 5.5 whole time equivalent genetic counsellors working in different areas of clinical genetics in the Centre, one of whom is based in The Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin 1. In addition. we are fortunate to have two Genetic counsellors employed by charitable funding to provide disease specific Genetic counselling (inherited heart disease & Neurofibromatosis). We are also very pleased to recently have the services of a further genetic counsellor employed by a funding through a pharmaceutical company via the National Centre for Inherited Metabolic disease who provides counselling to patients with metabolic disorders. There are six medical secretaries in the department.

Area of speciality Genetic counsellors
General Ms. Rosemarie Kelly
Ms. Debby Lambert
Ms. Jacqueline Turner
Cancer Ms. Nuala Cody
Ms. Marie Meany
Ms. Cliona De Baroid
Cystic Fibrosis Dr. Alana Ward
Funded by the NF association
Ms. Claire Kirk
Metabolic/Fabry’s disease
NCIMD employee working with NCMG. Funded through Shire pharmaceuticals
Ms. Rosie O’Shea

Clinic facilities

Although the Centre is based in a children’s hospital, adults are also seen at the Centre, which has clinics separate from those at Our Lady’s Hospital out-patients’ department.

Eleven clinics are held each week in the The National Centre for Medical Genetics, and three weekly in The Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin 1.

There are weekly specialist genetic counselling clinics, and specialist clinics for hereditary cancers, and Huntington disease. In addition, there are regional clinics as shown below:

Regional clinic details:
Location Clinics per year Consultant Appointments
Cork 12 Professor Green
Medical registrar
Genetic counsellor
Cancer genetic counsellor
01-409 6739
Limerick 10 Dr Reardon
Genetic counsellor
01-409 6069

Currently, the waiting time for routine clinic appointments is approximately 12 months, with some regional variations.

Patient information sheet

A patient information sheet which explains what happens at a genetics clinic appointment is also available.